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The privileged partner of FEMTO Engineering

FEMTO-ST founded FEMTO Engineering as an answer to 2 needs:

  • to further develop the technologies produced by its different research departments
  • to answer calls for help by industry

One of the largest French laboratories for the engineering sciences

The FEMTO-ST institute (Franche-Comté Electronics Mechanics Thermics and Optics – Sciences andTechnologies) is what is known in France as a “unit of mixed research” and is associated with the CNRS (French national center for scientific research) (UMR 6174) and also linked to the UFC (University of Franche-Comté), ENSMM (National Higher School for Mechanics and Microtechniques and UTBM (Technological University of Belfort-Montbéliard).

With a staff over 700, FEMTO-ST is comprised of 7 research departments:

  • Automatic Control and Micro-mechatronic Systems (AS2M)
  • Energy
  • Computerization of Complex Systems (DISC)
  • Applied Mechanics
  • Micro Nano Sciences and Systems (MN25)
  • Optics
  • Time-frequency

FEMTO-ST is equipped with a nationally renowned technological platform for microfabrication that uses microelectronic technologies associated with traditional micromechanics: MIMENTO.


On a national level, the Institute participates in the FC-LAB institute of Belfort, working on the combustible battery and it operates a laboratory in association with the National Laboratory of Trials for time and frequency metrology.

Internationally, FEMTO-ST is a partner in the Mixed International Unit (MIU) established between Georgia Tech in the USA and the French CNRS, and entertains privileged ties with both Swiss research (collegium project and the EPEL) and Japan (the Franco-Japanese laboratory LIMMS).

FEMTO-ST is a research unit present at 4 different sites on the Besançon university campus, at 3 sites in Belfort and 2 sites in Montbéliard.

See the FEMTO-ST site