Femtosecond laser

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Clean machining, without debris

Machining, or ablation of matter in the femtosecond regime, in comparison to other machining regimes (picoseconds or nanosecond), allows for a better quality in the structuring of matter.

The short duration of the pulses used in this regime (a few hundred femtoseconds) make it possible to attain enormous peak powers.

Application of this energy to the surface of a material will instantaneously remove highly localized matter from the exposed zone, without altering the surrounding area, and this, thanks to the regime’s non-thermal process.

Technological performance

The spatial formatting of femtosecond pulses in the form of non-diffracting Bessel beams has given an added attribute to this machining method. Indeed, with a single light pulse, this technique will pierce matter with a ratio greater than 100. It can thus cut a channel 400nm wide and 43µm long in a thin glass slide.

Technical features

  • Wavelength = 800nm
  • Tunable pulse duration  = [130fs 3ps]
  • Maximal peak power = 1 GW
  • Repetition rate = 5KHz
nano usinage par laser femtoseconde